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Maoam is a confectionary line produced by Haribo. They are quite popular in the UK.

A selection of Maoam Bloxx

List of original Maoam flavours

  • Strawberry
  • Cherry
  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Green Apple (stripes only)
  • Raspberry
  • Cola

List of Maoam products

  • Maoam Bloxx - The classic, the original, Maoam Bloxx. Until around 2015, they were simply called Maoam. They are small blocks of Maoam, and usually come in a 5 pack.
  • Maoam Stripes - Rectangle shaped, soft Maoam sweets. Comes with an extra flavour, called Green Apple.
  • Maoam Joystixx - Long pole-shaped candies.
  • Happy Fruittis - Similar to Maoam Bloxx, but more soft, rough, and has lines on them.
  • Pinballs - Sphere-shaped sherbet-like candies.
  • Roxx - Rock-shaped sherbet-like candies.
  • MaoMix- A selection pack of different Maoam products.
  • Party Mixx - A bigger selection, often used during parties.
  • Big Selection - Bigger than MaoMix and Party Mixx, and is a selection.
    • Joy-Mixx - A big selection.